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Jane Rail: Emil has changed my life!

I suffered for almost two years with hip problems resulting in sciatica and painful muscle spasms.  I already had custom orthotics and went to physio for almost two years but nothing seem to help.  I was only able to do minimal walking before my hip would become painful often resulting in spasms.  Being assessed and fitted with orthotics by Emil has changed my life!  Thanks to his approach of assessing not just from the knee down but also misalignments in hips etc. Emil was able to finally identify the source of the problem - a significant difference in leg length!  Almost immediately I found relief and a solution to my hip dislocation.  I am now able to walk upwards of 5km without pain!  I would highly recommend Emil and the Right Step.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
Bruce Johnson: I had a lot of questions

A number of my friend's used The Right Step's services and I have to admit I was very skeptical. I had a lot of questions and Emil did a wonderful job of answering them. I have used my orthotic for over a month now and have noticed a world of difference. Boy am I glad I went. Thank you so much.

Thursday, 28 March 2013
Karen Houghton: A great experience

With the increasing number of businesses providing orthotics services, it has become difficult to differentiate between mediocre to excellent.  Before coming to The Right Step, I had spoken to a number of people who provide orthotics and was not impressed with their professionalism or knowledge.   When I called Emil, I knew immediately he was different.   He truly cares about the health of his patients.  In addition to educating me on the benefits of proper alignment and my specific needs, he also conducted a thorough analysis which I know I would not have received from the others.   I love me new custom orthotics and will return to Emil for additional ones as my benefits renew and I will recommend Emil to my friends and family in need of these services.  Thank you Emil for a great experience.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Tom McCallum: I had a hip problem

I had a hip problem for years. I tried physio- therapy, massage therapy, cortisone injections, etc, etc. Finally I tried The Right Step and Emil cleared it up in a matter of weeks. Excellent service from a very knowledgable guy!

Thursday, 28 February 2013
John Adams: Great service

Great service, excellent analysis....far more thorough than the 2 minute last ones. I had given up on orthotics, they really hurt my feet. A friend told me of The Right Step and the handmade orthotics are the way to go. Thank you

Sunday, 17 February 2013
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